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Our commitments

Our responsible approach

At ETAT PUR, we are committed to a wholly transparent, responsible and environmentally friendly approach to cosmetics without false promises.

Because our commitment to sustainable development is one of the founding values of our company, here are the 5 objectives that guide our choices and actions each and every day:

Objective No. 1: reduce pointless packaging

As it serves no real purpose to over-package products to protect them, our packaging has been carefully designed to be pared down to the absolute minimum. This is why our products do not contain instruction leaflets and more than half do not come in a presentation case.

Objective No. 2: select environmentally friendly materials

We undertake:

  • To use recycled paper or paper from managed forests at all times in a sustainable and equitable manner. We use paper endorsed by the FSC, a non-profit organisation whose aim is to promote sustainable forest management. For the sake of transparency, we tell you whether our paper is recycled or FSC on all sales media: paper bags, presentation cases, catalogues, delivery slips, etc.
  • ­To use 100% recycled cardboard boxes for shipping
  • To see to it that all materials used in the composition of our packaging are recyclable or energy recoverable (PET / PE / PP). Out of respect for the environment, we do not use materials such as PVC, ABS or SAN, which are generally found in cosmetics packaging
  • ­To give priority to printers driven by the will to reduce the environmental impacts related to their profession

Objective No. 3: measure and optimise CO2 emissions

We are assessing our carbon footprint with a view to establishing a snapshot of the CO2 emissions related to our business. It will be published on our Internet site as soon as it has been finalised.
This carbon footprint will enable us to:

  • Establish energy efficiency and greenhouse gas emission reduction objectives in the short and medium term
  • Implement a responsible and measurable strategy in order to assess it over several years as part of our continuous improvement policy.
    We invite you to subscribe to our newsletter in order to be kept informed when it is published.

Objective No. 4: give priority to ingredient suppliers committed to a responsible and sustainable approach

  • Our selection criteria for raw materials are strict and rigorous and go beyond the strictly statutory framework in order to guarantee the safety of the raw materials expected by our consumers
  • For the Pure Actives, we give priority to producers committed to a responsible and sustainable approach. This may mean, for example, optimal management of resources, fair trade, or organic or integrated farming. This is stated exactly on each Active under the "origin" heading on the product datasheets.

Objective No. 5: make a contribution to reforestation 

Adopting a responsible approach, Etat Pur has made a commitment, as of its launch, to a reforestation project with the Kuntanawa people in Brazil (with the Pure Project organisation).
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