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Our commitments

Price Transparency

The ambition of Etat Pur is to make very high quality products accessible to everyone, in a wholly transparent manner.

Biomimetic formulation is expensive owing to its requirements in terms of selection, quality and purity of ingredients..

What we have done to sell these very high quality products at low prices?
Avoiding any superfluous cost to the consumer.

This begins with direct distribution, via the Internet, which prevents the accumulation of margins for intermediaries (that may represent up to 50% of the retail price in the current worldwide distribution system).
Also discarded are pointless or luxury packaging and major advertising campaigns...

Back to basics: product quality.
Our aim is not to be the cheapest on the market but to offer the best performance / value for money..


The base used to calculate our retail prices can be consulted by everyone on our website. It has been approved by the company's auditor and will be updated each year.

In addition, we undertake, if our sales increase and our production costs fall more quickly than forecast, to reflect these reductions in our retail prices.


And because solidarity and sharing are amongst the founding values of Etat Pur, a donation amounting to 50% of the dividends paid out to shareholders will be allocated to actions and foundations that work to ensure sustainable development, the valorisation of the producers of plant actives, research into skin health and the fight against ageing.