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Our product innovations

Our A+B concept

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 Pure and actives solutions for every skin


The possibility of using pure Actives (A+) and Biomimetic products (+B)  separately or in association (A+B) offers truly personalised, optimal solutions, adapted each person's specific needs according to :

 The nature and colour of their skin

 Their particular problems

 Their age

 Their lifestyle

 Their environment

The totally unique A+B system offered by Etat Pur enables everyone quite simply to find a personalised solution according to their own criteria.



These pure Actives can be used on their own or in combination with our Biomimetic cosmetics to provide optimum personalised solutions, perfectly suited to the specific needs of each person.
The pure Active is applied first directly on to the skin, using the dropper bottle.

The Biomimetic products for face or body care is then applied.


For truly personalised solutions, ETAT PUR proposes two lines of exclusive products: pure Actives (A+) and Biomimetic skincare (+B).

They can be used separately or in association (A+B). We have nothing to mix.



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