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Our product innovations

Our formulation requirements

For ETAT PUR, designing the ideal line of treatments means developing formulae suitable for every skin type, even the most sensitive, regardless of colour, lifestyle and environment. The Biomimetic treatments are intended to serve the health and beauty of the skin each and every day. They respect the cutaneous ecosystem without compromising on effectiveness. They are formulated using only ingredients that are in perfect affinity with the skin.

1A worldwide patent that respects the skin's biological balance

All of our Biomimetic cosmetic treatments are formulated in strict compliance with the worldwide Patent on cutaneous ecology (Patent PCT/FR98/00100 (WO 98/31337)). This patent establishes a quality standard called the "Bio-ecology Standard", which is the answer to one of the major challenges of cosmetology: to formulate cosmetic treatments capable of reconciling "activity" and "respect for the cutaneous ecosystem". 

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2Positive formulation

Our products are formulated using only useful ingredients that are in perfect affinity with the skin. Instead of working with the 10,000 ingredients traditionally used in cosmetics, we have identified only 300 which are potentially compatible with our requirements in terms of purity, quality, safety and traceability. We have retained only what is best for the skin and discarded any dubious, harmful or superfluous constituents.

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Even the WATER in the formula is endowed with physico-chemical properties very close to those of the constitutive water in the skin. It demonstrates excellent compatibility with skin cells and naturally provides elements essential to the life of the skin: this is the isodermic water used by ETAT PUR. 

PERFUME is purposely used with discretion and is universal. It is totally neutral for the skin and does not contain sensitising agents or listed allergens.

The PRESERVATIVE SYSTEM is reduced to a strict minimum. It is needed to protect the formula during its entire shelf life. It is composed of natural molecules. Our products are not presented in pots but in airless bottles, pump-action bottles or tubes. This protects them as much as possible from microbial contamination caused by finger contact with the product.

Naturally, our formulas are produced WITHOUT

Without ingredients of animal origin
Without silicones 
Without non-organic preservatives such as paraben, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde liberators...
Without artificial colourings
Without perfumes containing allergens* and sensitising agents
Without petrochemical hydrocarbons, paraffin and mineral oil
Without chemical UV filters 

Without synthetic glycols: butylene glycol, PEG
Without ethoxylated ingredients
Without BHT
Without EDTA and derivatives
Without aluminium chlorohydrate
Without irritant synthetic surfactants: lauryl ether sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate...
Without GMOs
Without acrylates 

*26 allergens listed by European regulations

3High tolerance and extreme safety for the skin

The perfect tolerance of each ingredient and of all of our formulae are assessed by toxicological experts. All of our products are dermatologically tested

And any of our products likely to come into contact with the eyes (make-up removers, foam products for the face) are ophthalmologically tested.

All biomimetic treatments undergo practical tests on a minimum of 10 people with sensitive skin. Certain products representative of the range have undergone tolerance tests conducted on 100 people.

Our products are not tested on animals.

Each product has a batch number that guarantees its traceability, an expiry date and a use-by date after opening for controlled use.

4Proven effectiveness

Each ETAT PUR product has been carefully studied by a committee of scientific experts (biochemists, biologists, pharmacists, cosmetologists and dermatologists).

Each ingredient has a specifically designed and well known role, based on scientific studies. 

Consumer tests have been conducted on some of our products, by a specialist independent laboratory, on 50 people with primarily sensitive skin. 

5Traceability and respect for the environment

We undertake to select the purest ingredients, of the best available quality.

For all of our ingredients, we require our suppliers to provide certificates attesting to the absence of residues potentially harmful to the skin (GMOs, pesticides, heavy metals, phtalates, etc.) for each of the ingredients used.

For our Pure Actives, we give priority to fair trade plant extracts for which the method of cultivation is part of a sustainable development programme wherever possible.

We pay great attention to the seriousness and ethical undertakings of all of our ingredient producers.