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Our product innovations


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To care for your skin each and every day, in total respect of its nature.

ETAT PUR is launching the first complete range of Biomimetic skincare products designed with the greatest respect for the skin in mind.

More than 40 products dedicated to facial and body care, for the beauty of your skin each and every day.

High performance and high tolerance products, even on sensitive skin.

Products designed with very strict requirements on formulation, unique in the world of cosmetics.

They only contain ingredients selected for their perfect affinity with the skin. No harmful or superfluous ingredients.

They help preserve and restore vital functions of your skin. They provide protection against premature ageing and embellish the skin, according to its nature, your age, and your environment (level of exposure to the sun).

Biomimetic Cosmetics


These Biomimetic skincare products can be used on their own or in combination with our pure Actives to provide optimum personalised solutions, perfectly suited to the specific needs of each person.
The pure Active is applied first directly on to the skin, using the dropper bottle.

The Biomimetic products for face or body care is then applied.


For truly personalised solutions, ETAT PUR proposes two lines of exclusive products: pure Actives (A+) and Biomimetic skincare (+B).

They can be used separately or in association (A+B). We have nothing to mix.


Exclusive Biomimetic Patent

from Bios life, living
and Mimetism: ability to blend in, mimic.

The Biomimetic formulas are developed from Jean-Noël Thorel's Patent on cutaneous ecology.
These Biomimetic treatments are built on an ideal biological model: the skin.
They respect the cutaneous ecosystem without compromising on effectiveness thanks to a stringent selection of ingredients:

  • identical to the natural constituents of the skin (e.g.: hyaluronic acid, ceramides...)
  • mimetic, from the alliance of two constituents naturally present in the skin
    (e.g.: tocoretinate = stable combination of vitamins C and E)
  • assimilable by the skin and identified as essential nutrients
    (e.g.: sugars, trace elements, vitamins...)
  • useful but neutral for the skin
    (e.g.: mineral solar filters...)