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Pure Actives
Targeted treatments for all of your skin problems, to act wherever needed, whenever needed.

  Pure Actives +B


extreme dryness
Aloe vera A31
Dehydrated skin, discomfort

D-panthenol A32
Dry, cracked skin

imperfections and blemishes
Zinc gluconate A20
Shine, excess sebum

Salicylic acid 0,5% A21
Minor blemishes

Salicylic acid 2% A22
Spots, blackheads

Propolis A23
Acne-prone skin

dark spots and hyperpigmentation
Glabridin A71
Uneven complexion

Arbutin A72
Localized dark spots

complexion concerns
Citric acid - aha A60
Dilated pores, loss of radiance

Ellagic acid A62
Fragile and dull smoker's skin

Ginseng A64
Dull complexion, tired skin

ageing concerns
Vitamine E A03
First wrinkles

Resveratrol A05
Deep wrinkles

Hyaluronic acid A06
Deep wrinkles, loss of firmness

Mimosa tenuiflora A10
Wrinkles, lines, fine skin

Centella Asiatica A11
Slackening skin, loss of firmness

hypersensitivity and redness
Rutin A42
Red blotchy skin

Enoxolone A43
Reactive skin, redness

cellulite and loss of firmness
Caffeine 5% A90

Hydroxyproline A91
Loss of firmness

Escin A92
Aqueous cellulite, heavy legs

sun-related concerns
Ectoin A80
Sun-intolerant skin

Peptide-6 pro-melanin A84
Difficult tanning

Targeted areas
Acmella A04
First expression wrinkles

Apigenin A08
Dark circles

Ruscogenin A09
Undereye puffiness

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Biomimetic Skincare
To care for your skin each and every day, respecting its nature

Biomimetic Skincare



Pure Cleansers
> Cleanse Toning Lotion - gentle PH B05
Purifying cleansing gel B06
Detoxifying cleansing foam B07
Shower gel - gentle ph B11
Express purifying mask B09
Exfoliating Shower Cream B13
Melting Exfoliating Gel B08
> Remove make-up Micellar Cleansing Water B01
Micellar purifying cleansing water B02
Cleansing Milk - Gentle Ph B03
Silky Cleansing oil B04
Toning Lotion - gentle PH B05
Pure moisturizers
> Face Melting moisturizing cream B23
Rich Moisturizing Cream B25
Light moisturizing cream B28
Ultra-rich moisturizing balm B26
> Body Melting moisturizing milk B51
Pure enhancers
> Face Oil-Free Mattifying Gel B20
Radiant complexion care B37
First Wrinkles Care B38
Redensifying care B39
Remodelling lifting care B40
Smoothing eye contour fluid B42
> Body Nourishing Dry Oil B54
Firming reshaping care B60
> Protect Facial sun cream SPF 30 B81
Facial sun cream SPF 50+ B82
Sun spray for face and body SPF 15 B83
Sun spray for face and body SPF 30 B84
Sun spray for face and body SPF 50+ B85
Baby care
> Cleanse Gentle micellar cleansing water B100
Gentle cleansing gel B101
Ultra-rich cleansing cream B102
> Hydrater, nourrir Dermal moisturizing cream B103
Dermal moisturizing milk B104