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Our product innovations

The pure Actives

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Targeted treatments for all of your skin problems, to act wherever needed, whenever needed.

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ETAT PUR has selected the most effective and purest possible actives to correct all skin disorders (wrinkles, loss of firmness, blemishes, hyper-sensitivity, severe dryness, dark circles, spots, blackheads...).

1 skin problem = 1 pure Active

Each pure Active is concentrated at the exact effective dose, recommended by scientific studies and recognised publications. This dose is clearly indicated in milligrams on each product. 

These actives are not masked in complex formulas but included in a unique formula at the exact effective dose that allows them to act wherever the skin needs them. 
This is the patented IN-SKIN®technology of ETAT PUR. 

The origin, traceability and purity of each Pure Active are strictly controlled, for optimum safety.

To find out all you need to know about each active, watch our videos.

The majority of our actives come from plants or are obtained by biotechnology or biosynthesis to guarantee their purity and perfect assimilation by the skin.

Our Pure Actives


These pure Actives can be used on their own or in combination with our Biomimetic cosmetics to provide optimum personalised solutions, perfectly suited to the specific needs of each person.
The pure Active is applied first directly on to the skin, using the dropper bottle.

The Biomimetic product for face or body care is then applied.


For truly personalised solutions, ETAT PUR proposes two lines of exclusive products: pure Actives (A+) and Biomimetic skincare (+B).

They can be used separately or in association (A+B). We have nothing to mix.

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As it is not enough for an active to be pure to act wherever the skin needs it, ETAT PUR has developed a specific formula that enhances the penetration of each pure Active.
Each formula is carefully designed to convey the pure Active dynamically to its target in the skin in order to optimise its effectiveness.
This is the patented IN-SKIN ® system.

One of the main functions of the skin is its barrier function.

It works in both directions:

  • It prevents the loss of water, electrolytes and other constituents in the human body
  • And prevents the penetration of molecules from the environment

This barrier function is not identical, however, over the entire surface of the skin (pilosebaceous canals, eye contour area, depending on the part of the body...) and it is this relative permeability that is involved in the absorption of actives through the skin.
The very nature of the majority of actives conditions their absorption by topical means.
To facilitate their absorption, it is essential to combine them with a "carrier" that will ensure that they are conveyed to the appropriate destination.
This is the primary function of the patented IN-SKIN system.