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Press releases

ELLE - 19/08/2011

Sold online, this new brand of Cosmetics sweeps us off our feet. Simple (with active ingredients that can be used together or separately with targeted serums), affordable (between £5 and £20), responsible (a part of the revenue goes to humanitarian organisations) and serious (the creator of Bioderma and Esthederm is behind it). What makes us more beautiful…than life!

VOGUE - 22/07/2011

Never before have active ingredients in these doses been so affordable! A true democratic revolution. Etat Pur launches some ten products for the skin, basic biomimetic care for the face that can be combined by the drop with concentrated star ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid, to achieve and endless array of personalised care options. All of this conceived by the Esthederm-Bioderma group, one of the most serious in skin cosmetics.

MARIE-CLAIRE - 12/01/2012

The ingredients are pure, in total affinity with the skin, at the right dose and at a reduced price. A real tailor-made solution. The products are divided in pure and precise active ingredients on one hand, and everyday biomimetic care on the other. Minimal packaging, direct distribution network over the internet.


With this all-new brand, skin care adapts to each problem our epidermis may have. Each solution contains a pure active ingredient that will solve every (or almost every) skin condition. For those between 25 and 30 years old, the best option is a Q10, a small jewel that will avoid the manifestation of any signs of ageing.

MADAME LE FIGARO.FR - 10/12/2011

The Etat Pur brand, breaking through the internet with its affordable prices, has finally set up a physical sales point. In this vast, hi-tech space, skin specialists will analyse the skin and write a tailored prescription with 100% ‘cosmetic’ products and targeted active ingredients.