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Ageing concerns

  • Peptide-4 Pro-collagen

    Recommended for accompany dermo-aesthetic care. It is ideal for people aged 45+.

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  • Vitamine E

    Like a natural "shield", Vitamin E protects the skin against new wrinkles.

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  • Resveratrol

    Indicated for deep wrinkles. Vine shoot extract with a guaranteed Resveratrol content.

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  • Hyaluronic acid

    Indicated for loss of firmness. Naturally present in the dermis, it regenerates the dermal matrix.

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  • Apigenin

    Indicated for eye contour and reduce signs of fatigue. Extracted from Grapefruit.

  • Ruscogenin

    Indicated for signs of fatigue. Extracted from Butcher's Broom.

  • Centella Asiatica

    The power of a restorative herb for remodelling the facial contour, neck, chest and neckline.

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