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Ruscogenin - A09

Undereye puffiness
  • Indications

    • Ruscogenin pure Active is recommended for its effect on undereye puffiness and the reduction of signs of fatigue.
      This very specific area of the face is particularly delicate and fragile. If the flows of water and microcirculation are perturbed, undereye puffiness may appear.

  • Learn more

    • Ruscogenin is a very well known natural molecule in the medical world for its decongestive and stimulant properties. This molecule activates microcirculation of the blood while protecting the integrity of skin tissue. These two effects are ideal to clear undereye puffiness.

RUSCOGENIN : Complementary products

Directions for use

For each eye contour: apply 1 drop to the skin, under the eye. Massage gently from the outer corner of the eye to the inner corner.

INITIAL TREATMENT : use morning and night. Minimum period of use : 2 weeks.
If necessary, use every day over a longer period, until you see a visible improvement in skin condition.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT : use at least once a day for at least 1 month.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT combining several pure Actives:
- If the eye contour also presents dark circles: use Ruscogenin pure Active for 2 weeks at night and Apigenin pure Active in the morning. Repeat if need be, depending on the intensity of the dark circles and the undereye puffiness. The best results are obtained after 1 month's use every day.

External use only. Do not put in the eyes.

As an ideal complement, we recommend applying a Biomimetic skincare after the pure Active, suited to the nature and day-to-day needs of your skin.
Smoothing eye contour care.

Efficacity proven

Scientific studies and recognized publications show that Ruscogenin acts at various levels in the skin:



Effect on microcirculation
Undereye puffiness is often the result of the blood circulation slowing down. Owing to its vasoconstrictive properties, Ruscogenin activates microcirculation in the blood vessels. Flow through the blood capillaries is increased to promote drainage of the skin tissue. The decongestive effect of Ruscogenin is ideal to visibly reduce puffiness.



Protection of the skin
Ruscogenin provides the skin with long-lasting protection through its anti-elastase effect. Elastase is an enzyme that degrades certain dermal molecules, resulting in skin fragility. By inhibiting the activity of this enzyme, the skin cells are preserved and strengthened and the permeability of the blood vessels is reduced.



Study conducted by an independent laboratory
A study conducted on 54 people who used Apigenin pure Active for 1 month in the morning and Ruscogenin pure Active at night demonstrated visible effectiveness:

  • face less tired: 64%
  • dark circles less coloured: 60%
  • reduction of the volume of undereye puffiness: 70%
  • puffiness less visible: 68%


References and proofs of effectiveness of Ruscogenin (clinical studies, bibliographies and expert opinions)

PURE ACTIVE : **Ruscogenin, pure molecule extracted from Butcher's Broom (purity level > 92%) [NEORUSCOGENIN, RUSCOGENIN]
The bottle contains 6.5 mg of pure Active.
This is the quantity needed so that each application done according to the directions for use provides the skin with the effective dose recommended by scientific studies.

Proven effectiveness

PATENTED IN-SKIN® SYSTEM : to treat the skin exactly where it is needed, Ruscogenin pure Active is combined with a unique delivery system.
It is totally absorbed by the skin so that it can interact with the cells in depth.

*eau isodermique / isodermic water.
Scientific history

Butcher's Broom, also called thorny ruscus, is a shrub used since Antiquity for its numerous medicinal properties. It was used to relieve vein and circulation problems.

Over time, its use was forgotten. It was not until the middle of the 20th century that it returned to popularity, thanks to the work of Lapin and Sannié, two French scientists.

The two scientists succeeded in isolating 2 steroid molecules from the roots and rhizomes of Butcher's Broom: Ruscogenin and its precursor Neoruscogenin.

The exceptional vasoconstrictive property of these molecules very quickly attracted the interest of researchers and doctors throughout the world. Ruscogenins quickly took their place as essential Actives in the treatment of venous insufficiency disorders, varices and oedemas.

Ruscogenins are now widely used in numerous pharmaceutical preparations to effectively stimulate blood circulation.

Origin / Video

The Butcher's Broom selected by ETAT PUR comes from France. This shrub from the forest floor is harvested by hand from September to June.

Its roots and rhizomes are finely ground before the active fraction sought is extracted. It is then concentrated and purified in order to obtain Ruscogenin and Neoruscogenin more than 92% pure.

The video

The quality control of this ingredient is handled by DIPTA, the research centre and inspection laboratory for the ETAT PUR, BIODERMA and ESTHEDERM brands, in Aix-en-Provence.

All details concerning the origin and quality of this pure Active are filed by ETAT PUR and can be accessed by all inspection bodies, which guarantees us total confidentiality in data processing.

Opinion of the dermatologist

Ruscogenin [6.5] mg - Pure Active A09

Undereye puffiness may be related to an oedema of the lower eyelid. This is the presence of water in the skin tissue, related to a deceleration in blood circulation. This water causes swelling as the skin is very fine and sags in the eyelid area.

By reducing vascular permeability and accelerating flow in the blood vessels, Ruscogenin may bring about a considerable improvement of this puffiness.

In some cases, correction by the injection of hyaluronic acid may be proposed by your dermatologist.

However, some significant and more insistent forms of undereye puffiness are related to fat accumulations and can only be effectively treated by a blepharoplasty of the lower eyelid, which is a straightforward plastic surgery procedure that does not leave any scarring.

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