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Propolis - A23

Acne-prone skin
  • Indications

    • Propolis pure Active is indicated mainly for skin subject to blemishes (spots, redness, blackheads...) and for dull complexion.

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    • Propolis is a natural substance harvested by bees. It has antibacterial, regenerating and antioxidant properties. It is used to sanitize the skin, help with the elimination of spots and blackheads, even out the complexion and soothe redness and irritation.

PROPOLIS : Complementary products

Directions for use

 For the entire face: apply 4 drops to clean, dry skin.

INITIAL TREATMENT : use morning and night. Minimum period of use: 3 weeks.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT : use once a day, preferably in the morning.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT combining several pure Actives:
- For dull complexion: use Propolis pure Active for 1 week in the morning and Citric Acid - AHA pure Active at night (or every other night for sensitive skin).
- For spots: use Propolis pure Active for 3 weeks in the morning and Salicylic acid 2% pure Active at night (or Salicylic acid 0,5% for sensitive skin).
- For shine: use Propolis pure Active in the morning and Zinc Gluconate pure Active at night.

As an ideal complement, we recommend applying a Biomimetic skincare after the pure Active, suited to the nature and day-to-day needs of your skin.
Suggestion for the morning: Balancing matifying care or Radiant complexion care.
Suggestion for the evening: Light moisturizing cream.

Efficacity proven

Scientific studies and recognized publications show that Propolis acts at various levels in the skin:


Purifying effect
Thanks to its antimicrobial activity, Propolis rids the skin of the micro-organisms involved in the formation of blackheads and spots.


Soothing effect
Propolis inhibits irritations that cause redness in the skin.


Reparative power
Propolis stimulates cell division to regenerate the skin and boosts the synthesis of collagen, the key molecule in regeneration.


Protecting the skin
Propolis contains polyphenols which have anti-free radical properties. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid are protected from the destructive effects of free radicals.

References and proofs of effectiveness of Propolis (clinical studies, bibliographies and expert opinions)

PURE ACTIVE : Propolis total extract [PROPOLIS EXTRACT]
This bottle contains 35 mg of pure Active.
This is the quantity needed so that each application done according to the directions for use provides the skin with the effective dose recommended by scientific studies.
Proven effectiveness

PATENTED IN-SKIN® SYSTEM : to treat the skin exactly where it is needed, Propolis pure Active is combined with a unique delivery system.
It is totally absorbed by the skin so that it can interact with the cells in depth.

*eau isodermique / isodermic water.
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Scientific history

Propolis is a resinous substance harvested by bees from certain plants. Etymologically, the word Propolis comes from the Greek pro, "in front of", and polis, "the city". Bees use it as "cement" in the hive. They also use Propolis to partially block the entrance to the hive to protect the colony and regulate the internal temperature. They also use it as a natural anti-infective agent to sanitize the hive.

Its antibacterial and cicatrizing properties have been known for thousands of years. The Egyptians used its antiseptic properties in the embalming process.

Aristotle defined Propolis as a "remedy for skin affections, wounds and suppuration". Among the Incas and the Arabs Propolis was used to treat eczema.

It was in the 19th century that its popularity reached its height. Indeed, during the Boer War in South Africa, British army doctors employed Propolis to disinfect wounds.

Today, several scientific studies have been published on the extraordinary virtues of Propolis. In therapeutics, it is thought to inhibit the herpes virus (antiviral activity), reduce the duration of cold symptoms and the seriousness of asthma attacks and may be effective against gingivitis, pharyngitis, abscesses, mouth ulcers, etc.

In dermatology, it is used for its purifying, soothing and regenerative properties.

Origin / Video

Propolis is a resinous substance harvested by bees from certain plants such as conifers.

The Propolis selected by ETAT PUR comes from hives located exclusively in France.

This variety of Propolis contains numerous active molecules such as polyphenols, proteins and minerals. It is the exceptional combination of all of these molecules that gives Propolis its power.

An alcoholic extraction process is used to isolate the active fraction sought (rich in polyphenols), which is then stabilized and titrated into a hydro-glycerin compound.

The video

The quality control of this ingredient is handled by DIPTA, the research centre and inspection laboratory for the ETAT PUR, BIODERMA and ESTHEDERM brands in Aix-en-Provence.

All details concerning the origin and quality of this pure Active are filed by ETAT PUR and can be accessed by all inspection bodies, which guarantees us total confidentiality in data processing.

Opinion of the dermatologist

Propolis [35] mg - Pure Active A23

With slight to moderate acne, Propolis has demonstrated significant efficacy, related to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and cicatrizing properties. Indeed, one of the processes that causes an acne spot to form is the proliferation of a bacterium (Propionibactrerium acnes) in the sebaceous glands.

It is therefore an interesting active if you present with a dull complexion with a few passing blemishes.

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