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Caffeine 5% - A90

  • Indications

    • Caffeine pure Active is indicated for cellulite and the orange peel appearance of the skin. Nine women in ten are affected by these unsightly fat accumulations, which are often impervious to diets (stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips...).

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    • Caffeine, thanks to its slimming properties, has a targeted effect on fat cells which helps to significantly reduce cellulite. The skin becomes firmer and its orange peel appearance is reduced.

Directions for use

For the body: apply the required quantity using the pump bottle to the areas to be treated (stomach, thighs, buttocks, hips...). Massage until completely absorbed. For optimum effectiveness, massage in a circular motion from bottom to top. The massage movements accentuate the slimming effect of Caffeine.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT : use twice a day. Minimum period of treatment: 2 months.
As a complement, we recommend following an appropriate diet and taking regular exercise.

Do not use in pregnant women or when breast feeding without medical advice.

As an ideal complement, we recommend applying a Biomimetic skincare after the pure Active, suited to the nature and day-to-day needs of your skin.
Suggestion: Firming reshaping body milk.


  • Cellulite is primarily a female problem: 85% of women over 20 years of age are affected by these unsightly accumulations of fat tissue which are frequently resistant to diets (according to the studies by Rawlings in 2006).
  • Caution, the term "cellulite" covers 3 different types: water-based, adipose and fibrous. 
    • Adipose cellulite consists of accumulations of fat tissue located on the thighs, buttocks and sometimes the belly and hips. 
      • Effects on skin? Visible cellulite.
      • Which active ingredient is recommended? Caffeine Pure Active 5% (A90).
    • Water-based cellulite, essentially due to water retention, arises in subjects with poor blood and lymphatic circulation.
      • Effects on skin? Legs feel heavy, with visible cellulite.
      • Which active ingredient is recommended? Aescin Pure Active (A92).
    • Fibrous cellulite tends to be located on the thighs and knees, it is hard and painful when touched. As it has been in place longer, it is the most difficult to get rid of. It should be treated with suitable massage techniques (palpate-rolling) capable of "breaking" established fibrous dimpling.
      • Effects on skin? Visible cellulite. 
      • Which active ingredients are recommended? Caffeine Pure Active 5% (A90) in the morning and Aescin Pure Active (A92) in the evening.
  • Several Pure Actives can be used at the same time; there is no need to mix them, simply apply successively directly onto the skin. However, we advise against using more than 3 simultaneously, as the skin is liable to become saturated and less receptive to the active substances. 
  • Alongside regular application of these Pure Actives, regular exercise and a balanced diet are obviously recommended.
  • Use within 3 months after opening, for maximum efficacy.


Efficacity proven

Scientific studies and recognized publications show that Caffeine acts at various levels in the skin:


Stimulation of fat elimination
Cellulite is characterized by a typical dimpled surface appearance referred to as "orange peel". This leads to the swelling of the adipocytes (fat cells) which fill up with fat. In order to suppress this phenomenon, it is necessary to stimulate fat elimination (lipolysis). However, in the organism, an enzyme hinders lipolysis: this is phosphodiesterase. Caffeine is capable of inhibiting this enzyme to enhance elimination.


Inhibition of glucose transport
The glucose intake in a diet too high in sugars is stored in the adipocytes in the form of fats. Caffeine has the power to inhibit glucose transport to its storage area in order to limit the formation of fat accumulations.


Inhibition of lipogenesis
As the years pass, the number of fat cells that cause cellulite becomes increasingly significant, which increases the storage of new fats: this phenomenon is called lipogenesis. Any cellulite already present may be intensified: we speak of aggravated or embedded cellulite, which is generally painful to touch. Caffeine is capable of inhibiting this lipogenesis phenomenon by reducing the expression of a protein that converts fatty acids into triglycerides, stored in the adipocytes.

References and proofs of effectiveness of Caffeine (clinical studies, bibliographies and expert opinions)

PURE ACTIVE : **green Coffee bean extract with guaranteed Caffeine content [CAFFEINE]
The bottle contains 2500 mg of pure Active.
 the quantity needed so that each application done according to the directions for use provides the skin with the effective dose recommended by scientific studies.
Proven effectiveness

PATENTED IN-SKIN® SYSTEM : to treat the skin exactly where it is needed, Caffeine pure Active is combined with a unique delivery system. It is totally absorbed by the skin so that it can interact with the cells in depth.

*eau isodermique / isodermic water.
Scientific history

Caffeine is a natural molecule found in plants such as Guarana, tea and, of course, coffee.

Caffeine has been consumed since Antiquity. It helped to reduce fatigue, stimulate the attention span and improve the mood. It was much later that it was noticed that its effects were enhanced by soaking the plants in hot water.

Caffeine is used mainly in the food industry (coffee, soft drinks, energy drinks). Indeed, it is the most widely consumed psychoactive substance in the world. It is also used as a food complement in pharmacology to combat fatigue and in dermatology to stimulate fat elimination.

Origin / Video

The Caffeine selected by ETAT PUR comes from coffee producers in South America, Africa and Asia. This tour of the tropical world guarantees the availability of ripe coffee beans all year round.

The coffee beans do not undergo roasting so as to protect all the active molecules that they contain. The active fraction is gradually isolated, concentrated and purified until an extract containing almost 60% Caffeine is obtained.

The video

The quality control of this ingredient is handled by DIPTA, the research centre and inspection laboratory for the ETAT PUR, BIODERMA and ESTHEDERM brands, in Aix-en-Provence.

All details concerning the origin and quality of this pure Active are filed by ETAT PUR and can be accessed by all inspection bodies, which guarantees us total confidentiality in data processing.

Opinion of the dermatologist

Caffeine [2500] mg - Pure Active A90

Caffeine, a lipolytic active recognized for its slimming properties, is the active of choice in cosmetics products that target cellulite. It must be applied by circular, upward massage to help penetration of the product but especially to stimulate lymphatic drainage, which is frequently insufficient in cases of old, well established cellulite.

Cellulite reduction is also dependent on a balanced diet, rich in fibre and with little salt, and on regular exercise.

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