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D-panthenol - A32

Dry, cracked skin
  • Indications

    • D-Panthenol pure Active is indicated for very dry areas of the face, cracks on the hands and rough areas on the skin.
      Dry skin is often the result of impairments to the skin's barrier function. Several factors may be at the root of such impairments: weather conditions (sun, cold, wind...), hormonal variations and certain skin diseases (eczema, psoriasis).

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    • D-Panthenol is a natural molecule capable of effectively restoring the skin's barrier function. It stimulates tissue regeneration and improves the skin's level of moisturization. Even very dry skin regains its integrity and suppleness.

D-PANTHENOL : Complementary products

Directions for use


INITIAL TREATMENT : use morning and night. Minimum period of use: 1 week.
If necessary, use every day over a longer period, until you see a visible improvement in the condition of the skin.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT : use once a day for 1 month. Repeat treatment if need be.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT combining several pure Actives:

- If the skin is also very reactive and sensitive: use D-Panthenol pure Active for 1 week and Enoxolone pure Active one after the other, morning and night.
- For flakiness and redness: use D-Panthenol pure Active for 2 weeks at night.
- For mature and dry skin during and after the menopause: use D-Panthenol pure Active for 2 months at night.


 Apply a few drops to clean, dry skin morning and night.
Work in by gently massaging. Minimum period of treatment: 3 weeks.

LONG-TERM TREATMENT : use morning and night for at least 1 month.

As an ideal complement, we recommend applying a Biomimetic skincare after the pure Active, suited to the nature and day-to-day needs of your skin.
Suggestion for mature and dry skin: Redensifying regenerating care
Suggestion for dry skin: Rich nourishing cream In case of permanent dry-skin and/or chapping, consult your pharmacist or doctor.
Suggestion for sensitive and reactive skin: Soothing lipid-replenishing care 

In case of permanent dry-skin and/or chapping, consult your pharmacist or doctor.

Efficacity proven

Scientific studies and recognized publications show that D-Panthenol acts at various levels in the skin:



Repair of the barrier function
D-Panthenol stimulates the formation of lipids, molecules essential to the constitution of the skin barrier. Little by little, the protective hydrolipidic film is strengthened, providing better protection of the skin against potentially irritant aggressive substances.


Skin repair and regeneration 
D-Panthenol effectively activates tissue regeneration thanks to its ability to stimulate cell growth. The regeneration of very dry and cracked skin is enhanced.


Skin moisturization
A veritable "magnet" for water, D-Panthenol enables the skin to regain a very good level of moisturization.

References and proofs of effectiveness of D-Panthenol (clinical studies, bibliographies and expert opinions)

PURE ACTIVE : **D-Panthenol,  pure molecule (purity level > 75%) [PANTHENOL]
The bottle contains 550 mg of pure Active.
This is the quantity needed so that each application done according to the directions for use provides the skin with the effective dose recommended by scientific studies.

PATENTED IN-SKIN® SYSTEM : to treat the skin exactly where it is needed, D-Panthenol pure Active is combined with a unique delivery system.
It is totally absorbed by the skin so that it can interact with the cells in depth.

*eau isodermique / isodermic water.
Scientific history

D-Panthenol, also called Vitamin B5, is a molecule found in almost all foodstuffs. Its presence in the cells of the human body is essential to life and depends entirely on daily food intake.

Since its discovery in 1933 by the scientist R.J. Williams, numerous scientific research projects have highlighted the various benefits of D-Panthenol. Like the majority of vitamins, the organism is incapable of manufacturing it, whence the importance of an additional external source.

In the cells, D-Panthenol is the precursor of coenzyme A, a molecule essential to the correct functioning of the metabolism. The involvement of this vitamin in the synthesis and degradation of fatty acids has encouraged numerous researchers to assess its ability to balance cholesterol levels in the blood.

In dermatology, D-Panthenol is an active of choice, very often used to speed up the regeneration of skin lesions (irritations, slight burns). This property has also been discussed in several scientific publications.

D-Panthenol is also widely used in cosmetics products. Indeed, its moisturizing and regenerating properties in regenerating the epidermis make D-Panthenol an essential active for the treatment of very dry, cracked and rough skin.

Origin / Video

D-Panthenol is a molecule naturally present in foodstuffs and in the skin. To produce it with a very high degree of purity, ETAT PUR has selected a biosynthetic process.

The producer meets very strict quality standards specific to the pharmaceutical industry.

The active is concentrated and purified until D-Panthenol at least 75% pure is obtained.

The video

The quality control of this ingredient is handled by DIPTA, the research centre and inspection laboratory for the ETAT PUR, BIODERMA and ESTHEDERM brands in Aix-en-Provence.

All details concerning the origin and quality of this pure Active are filed by ETAT PUR and can be accessed by all inspection bodies, which guarantees us total confidentiality in data processing.

Opinion of the dermatologist

D-Panthenol - Pure Active A32

This vitamin, with its moisturizing and cicatrizing properties, is essential in maintaining a good skin barrier function. On the hands and feet, where cracks and calluses may appear, its efficacy can be enhanced by combining it with Urea pure Active for optimal skin repair and moisturization.

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