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Preparing & Soothing

  • Ectoin [420 mg]

    Ectoin [420 mg]

    Indicated for skin exposed to excess sun. Protects the skin from impairment caused by UV rays and rehydrates the skin.

    Size: 15 ml
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  • Tyrosin [3000 mg]

    Tyrosin [3000 mg]

    Stimulates tanning in skin that has difficulty turning brown and prolongs tanning in matte skin. Extracted from Soybeans. 

    Size: 50 ml

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  • Nourishing dry body oil

    Nourishing dry body oil

    Light and non-greasy, this silky oil provides the skin with intensive nourishment and wraps it in a protective veil of infinite softness.

    Size: 100 ml
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  • After-sun soothing gel

    After-sun soothing gel

    Fresh and light, After sun soothing gel melts delicately into the skin and produces a pleasant comforting and relieving sensation. Skin regains its softness, suppleness and well-being.

    Size: 190 ml
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  • Peptide-6 Pro-melanin [1 mg]

    Peptide-6 Pro-melanin [1 mg]

    Prepares sensitive skin for exposure to the sun. Facilitates, optimises and durably prolongs the tan.

    Size: 100 ml
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