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Peptide-6 pro-melanin - A84

Difficult tanning
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  • Indications

    • Peptide-6 Pro-melanin pure Active is recommended to facilitate, optimise and durably prolong tanning. It is also recommended to effectively prepare sensitive skin for exposure to the sun.

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    • Peptid-6 is a complex of 6 amino acids present in the skin. This molecule is capable of effectively stimulating the production of melanin, a natural skin pigment causing it to tan. Peptide-6 is very complete and also helps the skin protect itself optimally against UV rays: more even and deeper tan, reduced skin hyper-sensitivity, helps to prevent skin alterations induced by the sun.

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Size :
(£24.5 / 100 ml)

Directions for use

For the face and body: press a few times on the pump bottle then apply directly on the skin. The product is rapidly absorbed.

TARGETED INITIAL TREATMENT : use morning and evening, one week before exposure to the sun and for the whole period of exposure.

INTENSIVE TREATMENT combining several pure Actives :
If skin is particularly irritable, sensitive and reactive to the sunfor one week use Enoxolone (A43) pure Active, in the evening, in combination with Peptide-6 – Pro-melanin pure Active in the morning.

This active is sensitive to high temperatures. To maintain its effectiveness, do not expose to a source of heat.

As an ideal complement, we recommend applying a Biomimetic skincare after the pure Active, suited to the nature and day-to-day needs of your skin.
Suggestion to protect skin during exposure to the sun: Facial Sun Cream SPF30
Suggestion to refresh, hydrate and soothe skin after exposure: Melting Moisturizing Milk (B51) or Nourishing Dry Oil (B54)  

Efficacity proven

Scientific studies and recognised publications show that Peptide-6 acts at different levels in skin :


Stimulation of tanning
A clinical study has highlighted Peptide-6's ability to effectively stimulate tanning . Applied on the skin, Peptide-6 increases pigmentation intensity by 54% after 2 applications per day for 2 weeks before exposure, then 2 applications per day for 4 days of exposure.


Skin protection
The tan is a natural skin mechanism. It corresponds to the increase in the quantity of melanin, a pigment capable of protecting against UV rays and responsible for tanning. By effectively stimulating tannin, Peptide-6 helps to naturally protect the skin against potential damage caused by the sun. 


Protection and repair of induced UV damage
Exposure to the sun can weaken or damage DNA in skin cells. Peptide-6 protects cellular DNA from damage induced by UV rays while activating its repair. The skin's cells are better protected against UV rays.


Soothing power
An in vitro study on cells has highlighted Peptide-6's ability to limit inflammatory reaction causing skin redness and hypersensitivity.

PURE ACTIVE: : **Peptide-6, pure molecule (purity rate = 85%) [ACETYL HEXAPEPTIDE-1].
The bottle contains 1 mg of pure Active.
This is the quantity needed so that each application done according to the directions for use provides the skin with the effective dose recommended by scientific studies.
Proven effectiveness

SYSTEME BREVETE IN-SKIN® : to treat the skin exactly where it is needed, Peptide-6 – Pro-melanin pure Active is combined with a unique delivery system.
It is totally absorbed by the skin so that it can interact with the cells in depth.
* isodermic water

Scientific history

A peptide links up several amino acids, ranging from 2-3, for the smallest to several tens of amino acids for the largest peptides. They are key components of all proteins.

In the human body, they are often defined as small messengers initiating several essential biological mechanisms. The discovery of the first peptide produced by the organism, insulin, goes back to the 1920s Banting and Macleod won the Nobel prize for medicine for this discovery. But industrial production of peptides was only achieved in the 1980s.

Since then, peptides have revolutionised modern therapy. They are used to treat certain cancers, osteoporosis and neuro-degenerative diseases.

Very recently, their uses have been extended to dermatology and cosmetology. Very effective and extremely sought after, peptides can be used to treat several skin problems (difficult tanning, ageing skin, hypersensitivity, etc.).

Origin / Video

Peptide-6 selected by ETAT PUR is an Acetyl Hexapeptide-1 (a chain of 6 amino acids) obtained by Biosynthesis.
The producer satisfies very strict quality standards and guarantees a high degree of purity.
Peptide-6 is 85% pur.

The quality control of this ingredient is handled by DIPTA, the research centre and inspection laboratory for the ETAT PUR, BIODERMA and INSTITUT ESTHEDERM brands located in Aix-en-Provence.

All details concerning the origin and quality of this pure Active are filed by ETAT PUR and can be accessed by all inspection bodies which guarantees us total confidentiality in data processing.

Opinion of the dermatologist

Peptide-6 is a very valuable complement to usual sun creams as it stimulates the skin's natural defence mechanisms against ultraviolet rays. Beyond the aesthetic appearance usually sought, a tan (resulting from the high production of pigments called melanins) is the body's way of protecting itself against UV rays. Warning: this Pure Active does not replace protection by a sun cream with SPF and UVA factors.

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