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Who are we?

Our history

Today, the ETAT PUR brand is launched with a radically different approach that will revolutionise the codes of cosmetics with:

its product concept
its distribution model
its value for money
its relationship with consumers
its ethics

You can find out about all of these issues in detail under the various headings on our website.

ETAT PUR and its products are the fruit of the vision of Jean-Noël Thorel, a pharmacist / biologist, the man behind the BIODERMA / INSTITUT ESTHEDERM brands and the author of numerous patents produced for these two brands. 

The inventor of a new way of designing cosmetic products (Biomimetic cosmetics), Jean-Noël Thorel registered a worldwide brand fifteen years ago to protect this major innovation.

It has taken ten years' work at the Naos Group research center to develop a complete line of textures capable of meeting:

- The criteria of this patent, which guarantee absolute respect for the natural biological balance of the skin

- The requirements on sensoriality, comfort and effectiveness for users of top of the range cosmetic products

- The needs of all skin types regardless of lifestyle and environment

This first product line is called the Biomimetic skincare. Fourty products to take care of the skin in the absolute respect of its nature.

For a number of years, both men and women have also been looking for products delivering highly effective results to:

  • correct deep seated skin concerns : inflammation, discomfort, seborrhoea, redness…
  • Provide the answer to various needs: slimming, tanning, brightening, slowing down ageing or even rejuvenating...

Hence the second idea:

To give everyone the chance to find an answer to each need and each specific problem in complete autonomy, by offering a line of pure Actives, at the optimal dose,  in order for them to act:

wherever needed, whenever needed.

These considerations resulted in the creation of our second exclusive line of products, the Biomimetic skincare.

The problem that then arose was: how could we make this advanced technology available to the widest audience at the best price throughout the world?

The advent of online shopping has made it possible.