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Who are we?

Why did we create Etat Pur?

A brand with
a radically new
product approach
and a truly
different spirit.

Today, consumer habits are changing in every field. Consuming better is taking over from consuming more.
The same is true for skincare. Etat pur was created around the idea of a truly different approach to skincare that is in keeping with new consumer expectations.

But how can we do better when skincare products have never been as sophisticated as they are now? When claims are increasingly miraculous? When formulas have never been so complex, combining an endless list of ingredients? 

To such a point that it is difficult to choose the right product, impossible to decode its real composition and to know
precisely what exactly it is we are buying.

What if doing better meant going back to basics: providing targeted and effective solutions,
really adapted to each person and each skin?

What if doing better meant offering perfectly safe, highly effective products,
without adding anything that is useless or harmful?

What if doing better meant being totally transparent, with products composed
of clearly indicated ingredients whose action and origin are know?

For us, doing better means succeeding in all of the above while being less expensive.

That is the ambition of ETAT PUR.

ETAT PUR. Pure and active solutions for every skin.

To find out more, read our founding commitments.